Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making "Elimination Communication"-Easier!


EcaWare Baby and ecaPants were created by a mother who practices ec with her own child.* She saw a need in the EC community for potty learning pant that would help make EC easier. Dressing and undressing a baby so many times a day for potty trips can be challenging, so she found a way to make it a breeze. A training pant with a front portion that drops open! Just flip the front of the trainers down, and pop them back up when done. Simple!

The front panel flips all the way back, so they work well for a boy or a girl. The velcro (aplix) tab are encased at the edges, to keep hard surfaces away from baby. Or try the all snap version. Keep ec stress free, even when out and about!

about elimination communication

Elimination communication, which can be practiced from birth, is a very gentle method of tuning in to your childs elimination patterns and/or the subtle cues they demonstrate when they have to use the bathroom. It is about responding to them by lovingly holding them over an appropriate recepticle to 'go', rather then having them get themselves wet or dirty. It is about experiencing the deeper level of communication, caring, and trust that comes with tending to all your baby's needs...Visit the links page for a more ec information.

*to meet demand, most ecaPants are now sewn at fair trade company in the US-some are still sewn by the work at home mom (WAHM) who created ecaPants. All other aspects of the company are still handled soley by the original creator.

We are so Happy To be an Approved retailer of the great little Pants!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Contest Day!

Hey Blog Reader! Head over to our facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Podlings/92896521389

And help us Spread some LOVE and make it a "Way of Life"
You may even win a WeeUrban Canadian Made Organic Sleepsac!

These Sleepsac are new in our store, we love working with Ethically earth consious company's.. I love calling the owner Holly at home...Mom's can do anything!

Love to you all!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Adding to our Family

Do you have a passion for Babies and Children? Do you love ethically made
baby products and gear? Have you or are you using Reusable diapers? Do you pride
yourself in customer service and making new friends?...

Podlings is Hiring! We are looking to add to our family some important details:

part-time/casual and on call(sick days holidays etc)
proper transportation
reliable childcare

We are a busy family store and this person must be a multi tasker and self motivated!

Please bring your Resume down and we would love to meet you!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

National Literacy Day Giveaway!

Hello Friends! Head on over to our Facebook page today, we are giving away a great maybe even one of the greatest parenting books.

Answer the question on the wall of our page and the winner will be drawn at random tonight.

The book seriously is worth jumping on the facebook bandwagon ;)

Read to your kids, read to yourself-be inspired!

Happy Literacy Day!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feels Like Home

Disaster, Insurance, Moving, Restocking, Healing, Moving Forward.....HOME.
Feels like HOME.

Our third baby is feeling like home. I have to admit, if you would have said this would be awesome back on November 23rd I would have screamed...But now I see it's pretty awesome.

We also think that because of this awesome-ness we can now expand into more Maternity and Baby Wearing, And as you already know our passion is Natural Parenting, Local Sustainability, Originality and the Power of Informed Choice. Pretty powerful things we are proud to be supportive of. With this in mind we have teamed up with some amazing local artisans such as Skipper Joe's, quality natural wood toys, including planes and trains, as well as sturdy wood table and chair sets all made with Family Love on Hornby Island.
We have expanded our already wide selection of wool felted toys to include a new artist in the Valley who will be launching her business soon(we do have a sneak peek of her waldorf inspired treasures in store)

Tess's Monsters are adorable wool stuffed creatures made in Campbell River, We still adore Kim Seeley's Toad in a Tree Hats(which we have a large order hot off the needle)

So, we have been busy bee's ordering and planning, organizing and renovating...

All our diapers will soon be restocked on nice new shelving along with a few new brands and styles!

Thanks again to our wonderful customers, your TEA, WINE and TREATS really made us feel loved when we needed it, You know who you are! xoxox

We have a great playroom, nursing rocker, pillow and change table for you to use anytime-just pop in and make yourself at home...tea may even be on!

Cheers to a New Year filled with powerful, inspiring, parenting! (and awesome deals on Consignment!)

Friday, January 7, 2011

2 Day Mystery SALE!

Friday and Saturday ONLY-2 DAY SALE!

At the till take an EXTRA 10-50% off your purchases, all you have to do is cross your fingers and select your sale from the draw bin. This is including everything store wide, including cloth diapers! (some consignment items are exempt-green tags)

Come on down and take advantage of some awesome deals!

Open Friday 930-5 and Saturday 10-5

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade Christmas

This Holiday if you are looking for Natural, Handmade, Local and Ethical, That is our Passion too. Come in and see what's new- Also pick up your copy of Simplicity Parenting*Using the Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Children.

Here is some things you can expect in our store this season

100% Wool Felt Sapce Boys $11.99

100% Wool Felt Large Balls $10.99

Recycled Wool Slippers with leather Bottoms $22.99

Wooden Fairy Houses large $64.99

Rogue Toad(Toad in a Tree) Adjustable Hats $28.00

Wooden Stacking Rainbow $$35.99

Wood Bowl and Spoon $26.99

Wooden Fairy Puzzles $13.99

Hope you enjoyed the preview...Come on in and see our new SPACE...We are starting to settle in and feel very welcomed in the new neighbourhood!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bright Shiney and New

So here we are. In our new space....A part of me is annoyed that we have to get used to
all this change, different door bell, the view, light switches, its a long list. However an even bigger part of me embraces this change and seriously, there's so much FOOD around here!
ZenZero, Broken Spoke, Grotto/Union Street Grill, Mad Chef... for a Veggie Eater-this is great news!

There is something in this universe that is making us be with water, not sure what but can you stop already??!! Our "Consignment Garage" leaks...yeah more water...Good news is we get a new garage door any day now and then we will be ready for YOU. But until then we cannot accept anymore clothing items. Save them until Monday Please!

Thanks to everyone for your awesome support, you are what got us through this. Our store was more than a place to work, it was our passion and it's because of all you that this is even possible.

In our new section We still have lots to offer and more arriving everyday, I'm most excited to see the new Wooden hand carved Fairy Houses arriving any day now!

Happy Advent!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Silver Lining"

This picture of the tramatic event that happened Tuesday 23rd at 1:30pm-actually makes me rather excited...Now. At the time there were FireFighters, Removed toilets for water dispersement, Tears, Screaming, Shaking, Hugs, Support, Cinnamon Buns and now we see the "Silver Lining"

Karen McKinnon invented the "Silver Lining" She with her Buds at Roots the Salon created happiness from disaster.

This wasn't our "job" it was our 3rd child. We didn't decide to bring in Cloth diapers and our unique new products to get rich-this is our passion, it's all passion for us. And now its Wet. Wet beyond wet and dirty. But we were very lucky to have our Consignment section saved-how we are baffled but untouched. Thank you water gods for saving our "bread and butter"

Now with the help of this amazing community we carry on-in many ways better off. Our Spirits are soaring and our new sign will be high....

Please check back for our new location announcement- heres a hint...

If you can see Bikes...you can see us :)

Open for business Monday November 29th (fingers crossed)

Stay Tuned..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Safe Baby Wearing

We have seen and heard alot about safe baby wearing in the media these days, this subject is very important to us. We promote Attachment Parenting choices including wearing your children. It's proven to be benefical to you and the babe. lets start with a few reason why babywearing is great;

1. You can feed your baby while still taking care of your needs
2. You can shop, cook, and walk while baby is close and near you
3. Your baby will feel loved and safe at all times while your hands free!
4. Your baby will cry less
5. Your baby gets your view
6. You get to snuggle and interact while your hands free!
7. Baby Wearing is beneficial to your baby's hip development

Safe Baby Wearing and Correct Positioning are Important to us

For Newborns, we do not promote Pouch slings, or Padded ring slings, as well as Soft Shell Buckle Carriers-for extended use. In the toddler Stage, pouches and padded slings are great for hip carries!

We do promote Woven wraps(Storchenwiege) Stretchy Wraps(Moby, Panda) and unpadded Ring Slings(Sewfunky)

For older babies 15lbs and up(general) a Mei Tai(Baby Hawk) or Soft Shelled Buckle Carrier(Boba 2G)(Pipa Pack) as well as the continued use of Woven Wraps and Unpadded Ring Slings, are all great choices.

Having your newborn baby properly positioned on your body is crucial to hip development and digestion to name a few. Baby being in an upright position always facing you(never facing out!) is safest with the frog leg position with feet out of the wrap or sling.
We never promote the cradle position for any age.

We are currently working with our certified expert to bring you up to date and safe information on carrier use. Please stay tuned for the date release of our next baby wearing info session-helping you choose the best carrier for your needs.

Thank-you and snuggle your babies!!

Here is a great(kinda funny) picture curtosy of Storchenwiege, of a Mother wearing Triplets!!